6 Best Ways To Get Donation Online For WooCommerce

Today, plenty of ways are available to adopt the best WooCommerce donation plugins. Collecting donations online is an effective way to increase funds for non-profit organizations, charities, relief funds, support & special reasons. It also allows people to donate online from anywhere globally without going to the fundraisers’ workplace or the central community center to learn more. It is a predictable form to have people who donate to your cause worldwide using specific tools to manage the particular amount of cash.

Get Donation Online For WooCommerce

Donation Plugin for WooCommerce offers an intuitive for a fundraiser to manage their donations. Suppose you set up a website to gather money for a charity, support, relief fund, or social existence. In that case, such handy tools enable you to monitor your collections proactively and analyze trends that can build a precise strategy for conducting donations.

Below is a list of the Mesmerizing WooCommerce donation plugins that provide the 6 best ways to get donations online using WooCommerce Plugins.

YITH Donations for WooCommerce 

YITH Donations is a powerful premium WooCommerce plugin that enables you to insert donations as a product to your WooCommerce site. Furthermore, it also helps you to add a donation box on the product page, cart page, and checkout page for users to donate.

The significant features offered by this plugin are listed below:

  • Adjusts minimum and maximum amount for donations
  • Allows users to make donations on the product page
  • Generates Donation Reports
  • Place donation form as per your need
  • Set amounts for the donation
  • Allows users to select various options for payment
  • Provides an option to alter text and style formats

Donation for WooCommerce

Donation for WooCommerce is a top-notch WooCommerce plugin that provides you to collect donations without charging any transaction fees. It also supports “donation” as a complete WooCommerce product that allows visitors to add a donation to their shopping cart and invest in it via the instant checkout procedure – you can eventually insert a donation field into the cart.

Donation For Woocommerce

The usage of a donation product is to execute multiple simultaneous fundraising campaigns on your site. It merely displays an option of donation on your cart page with pre-built values and enables visitors to insert custom payment amounts.

Some features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Enable or Disable Donation Campaigns
  • Fixed or Custom amount of donation option
  • Provides multiple donation campaigns launching options
  • Display a donation option at the checkout page or cart
  • Find orders via the campaign name
  • Adjust the placement of the currency symbol

SUMO WooCommerce Donations

SUMO WooCommerce Donations is a next-level premium plugin for WooCommerce Platforms. Using this plugin, you can add an option for the users to build a donation on your WooCommerce site. It provides an instant donation method and the fly box donation method. It also enables you to display the donation field on the product, cart, and checkout pages.

WooCommerce Donations

Some features of the SUMO WooCommerce Donations are listed below:

  • Adjust the donation item from the product list
  • Shows the donation form on the product page, cart page, and checkout page
  • Insert the donation form in any post or site page using the shortcode
  • It offers supportability to both automatic and manual donation methods
  • Provides an option to insist users donate via automatic or manual donation options
  • Provides an option to provide free products as donation rewards to the user that makes a donation
  • Allows customization for the donation fields and styles
  • Provides an option to apply tax for automatic donations
  • Compatible with WPML

Woo Donations

Woo Donation is a free WooCommerce plugin that enables you to build a donation option with a particular amount on your WooCommerce site. It allows users to donate a particular quantity they afford to donate. Likewise, it also helps users set a particular product as a donation from the complete product list. Users can also find the “Add Donation” field on the cart and the checkout page.

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Using Woo Donations, the user can donate to the cart and checkout page via the donation form
  • Users can set up a particular product in the form of a donation product via the product list
  • Users can adjust a particular amount for the user for donation purposes
  • Users can set a donation form on any site page via a shortcode
  • It provides the option to place donation button text based on your requirements.
  • It provides options to select a non-shipment, non-taxable items for donation in the product list

Custom User Defined Pricing for WooCommerce

Custom User Defined Pricing for WooCommerce allows customers to set prices to pay for a product. This plugin for WooCommerce intimates the shoppers to name their pricing needs and accept standardized donations.

Pricing for WooCommerce

A simple input is added in which visitors can type in anything they want to invest. You can also alter the plugin and then send it to the visitors in their cart or instantly checkout from the product page. Likewise, if you want to set a minimum price on your product, so you don’t lose money, that is also possible. Apart from it, you can set both minimum and maximum limitations to stop them from choosing an affordable or expensive price based on your needs. Also, you can suggest minimal price rates.

Some of the features of Custom User Defined Pricing for WooCommerce are listed below

  • It allows customers to pay the price they want to pay.
  • Hides all-inclusive and sale prices from the shop or product page.
  • Set a specific price range with less or high values.
  • Shows or hides the suggested and minimum prices on the product page.
  • Intimates consumers to cart, checkout, or product page from the shop page.
  • This plugin uses simplistic or variable-based products.

WooCommerce Donation Plugin

WooCommerce Donation Plugin is another high-grade plugin that lets you build donations such as products that you can choose to show in your product catalog or make them limited from the shop pages. Using this plugin, you can set pre-defined values to provide site visitors with simple buttons they want to click to insert donations to their cart with a mere $10, $25, or another value you would like to insert.

If you want to use this plugin to gather donations on your own, it also provides options to include an “add a donation to your order” section on the checkout page. This plugin allows customers to donate a certain amount of money to their purchases while fulfilling their payment options.

Some of the features of the WooCommerce Donation Plugin are as follows:

  • Provides customers an opportunity to donate to top-notch orders.
  • Provides intuitive and simplistic reports explaining your decisions on whether to proceed with a donation program. It seems to be a great choice to see where the donations are taking ahead.
  • The donation field comprises a drop-down bar with built-in values or a blank field for individuals to place their donations.
  • Provides improved tracking to generate better campaigns.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, choosing the best plugin from the aforementioned list would be a difficult task. The above lists depict the top 6 WooCommerce plugins to get online donations for charities, non-profits, or fundraising opportunities to leverage the business to the next level. Hence, you can choose any of the above-listed plugins based on your business needs and priorities to maintain a rhythm to proceed ahead in the consumer marketplace.

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